Software Protection
Our experts in Afia & Co will help you to analyze your Intellectual Property assets on and related to your Software as an company’s asset, how to commercialize, Protect the Intellectual Property and from other legal aspects.

Start Up Assistance
Our experts in Afia & Co will assist you to analyze your start-up company business, in the terms of Intellectual Property protection and other legal aspects, how to commercialize the intangible of Intellectual Property asset in the company. We also assist to provide other legal services regarding general corporate matters such as company establishment, taxation and other private law matters.

Corporate Matters
Afia & Co. team will assist you related to General Corporate and Capital market Transactions, including but not limited to, establishing all types of companies and the amendments thereto, whether by increasing capital or reducing it or changing the headquarters location or any amendment requires the ordinary General Assembly or extraordinary General Assembly, Agreement and Legal Drafting, Any kind of Permits, Licensing, Franchising, and Disputes related to Corporate matters.

Afia & Co. is able to assist you with expert tax advice whilst managing your personal tax and corporate tax affairs.

Private Law
Afia & Co. also could assist you to solve your private and personal legal matters

Legal & IP Translation
Afia & Co is affiliated with professional translator association dealing with translating professional documents by the expertise on the field of documentation providing various professional translator expert for law, patent by patent specialist from varied engineers, taxation, etc.