Other Ip Services

IP Litigation & Enforcement
Our dedicated team of in-house counsel is equipped to provide comprehensive preliminary and pre-litigation consultancy to clients when they face legal IP issues. Wherever possible, we believe in seeking to amicably resolve any dispute through negotiation with the adverse party. Such resolution benefits the clients as it avoids the expense, delay and uncertainty of a court action.

But if needed, our IP Litigator would help you in addressing contentious issues. We take an active role in the entire litigation process by coordinating matters between our external counsel and clients to maximise a favourable outcome for the latter.

IP Consultancy
Afia & Co. provides consultation to address all of our Client’s IP related concerns across various areas with an IP analysis to give further systematic review of all of the intellectual property owned by a company in order to capture and analyze information, to manage risks, to assess opportunities and to correct the defects in the management of that company’s IP.

IP Market & Commercialization
Afia & Co. will help you make sense of your company’s intangible assets so you can maximize the value they bring to your business.

IP Licensing & Cooperation Strategy
A good IP strategy should always start with a well-planed IP strategy to determine what IP assets a company has, with a focus on asset's identification and risk identification and mitigation. Afia & Co. team will also provide advices to protect the IP and trade secret and how to implement to a licensing agreement.

IP Recordation and Amendment
Afia & Co. will assist you related to the business, company, merger, amendment and/or other agreement which effect your Intellectual Property portfolio.

IP Monitoring & Investigation
Afia & Co. team will help you to conduct investigation based on Online, Registry’s database, or survey on/to market as needed to investigate an IP cases related to infringement on Intellectual Property and provides you advice to the further legal actions.

IP Portfolio Management
Our IP Renewals Service mitigates the risks associated with the renewal of IP assets - covering all eventualities in one secure service. Control your IP portfolio