Joint Webinar:Afia & Co – IP March: Intellectual Property Indonesia & China

14.30-16.05 (GMT+7) Jakarta 雅加达
Session – I (Presented in Chinese)
Why Prioritize Intellectual Property in Indonesia is Important?
(Investment and Intellectual Property Protection related to Regulation in Indonesia)


Speakers 演讲人:
Yunarto Zeng 曾伟龙
Lawyer | 律师
Partner Afia & Co. | 合伙人 Afia & Co.

Nirma Afianita
Registered IP Consultant | 知识产权顾问
Managing Partner Afia & Co.| 管理合伙人 Afia & Co.

16.15-17.50 (GMT+7) Jakarta 雅加达
Session II – Session – II (Presented in English)
What You Need to Know about Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in China?
(Trademark and Invention Protection related to China Intellectual Property Regulation)


Speakers 演讲人:
Stephen Yang 杨勇
Patent Attorney | 专利律师
Managing Partner IP March | 管理合伙人 IP March

Nina Li 李娜
Trademark Attorney | 商标律师
Partner IP March | 合伙人 IP March

Host | 主持人:
Yanhong Yang 杨彦鸿 – Patent Attorney | 专利律师
Partner IP March | 合伙人 IP March

Renat Sofie
Research & Public Relation Afia & Co.
研究与公共关系 – Afia & Co.

📆  *Date 日期 : Thursday, 4 March 2021 / 2021年3月4日,星期四
⏰  *Time 时间 : 14.30 – 17.50 (GMT+7) Jakarta 雅加达
🏣  *Location 地点: (online/网络) zoom

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